All anglers using TTAC waters must abide by club rules and regulations at all times.

A full copy of TTAC rules and regulations can be found HERE

Special consideration should be given to the following rules to help ensure the safety of yourself , others around you and the environment when on club waters.

  • 2.        All Members : must have their membership card and receipt with them when fishing club waters.
  • 5.      Juniors/children : No children under the age of 16 years will be allowed to fish any of the club waters unless accompanied by an adult.
  • 11.   Conduct : All members must behave in an orderly manner and not cause damage on our waters or on away matches.
  • 13.   Boundaries : All members must observe ‘No Fishing’ signs at all times. Gallions canal is for members only.
  • 23.   No open fires. No swimming or wading.
  • 24.   Boats or drones: are not allowed on any of the club waters.
  • 25.   Dogs: No dogs allowed within 3 metres of any club waters.
  • 28.   Night Fishing : is allowed for members only. no children under the age of 6 years old are allowed to be with you at night You are allowed to fish for a maximum of 7days continuous then move to another lake
  • 29.   Only fish the water in front of you.
  • 43.   Swims must be clear of rubbish before and after fishing. Don’t discard any line or tackle.


“Protecting fish and fisheries from poachers and fish thieves, and increasing rod licence compliance has to be of great importance to all anglers. The aquatic environment and the sport fishing industry deserve to be protected – and those who cheat honest anglers by not contributing to funding improvements must be brought to book. The Angling Trust has listened carefully to the concerns of anglers, angling clubs, fishery owners and managers, and in partnership with the Environment Agency has devised a very clear vision and strategy to tackle the issues” – The Angling Trust

As a member of the Angling Trust we fully support their continued proactive stance in dealing with poaching and fish theft.

More information on the work they do can be found on their website HERE

The Anglers Trust have produced a guide for anglers reporting offences to the police which can be downloaded from their website HERE

The guide is in PDF format. You will need Adobe reader installed. 
Adobe reader is a free app and can be downloaded HERE


TTAC can be contacted on 07398 509 965 or by using the form on the contact page HERE

The Environment Agency0800 80 70 60

The Police999