Amended 2018 /2019 : altered or new rules are in blue below

  • Rule 24 Boats or drones: are not allowed on any of the club waters.
  • Rule 28 Night fishing is allowed for members only and no children under the age of 6 years old are allowed to be be with you when night fishing.
  • You are allowed to fish for a maximum of 7days continuous then move to another lake.

1.         The Rules : will be decided by the committee. Any amendments may be put to the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting provided notice is given 30 days prior to the Club Secretary.

2.        All Members : must have their membership card and receipt with them when fishing club waters.

3.        All Members : will be given a copy of the rules on joining and must abide by them. Any member found breaking the rules could face expulsion.

4.       Licences : All members must be in possession of a valid rod licence whilst fishing and produce it when re-joining.

5.       Juniors/children : No children under the age of 16 years will be allowed to fish any of the club waters unless accompanied by an adult.

6.       Fees : Membership fees are paid annually in person on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursday in April yearly (this includes new members) . The cost of joining is on our website/online. Please note a discount will commence from your second year onwards. £20 off for 2 work parties done,

7.       A maximum of £20 off membership fee. OAPs/Disabled/Juniors are exempt from work parties/discount).

8.       Fees for the next season : will be decided by the committee and proposed/implemented at the AGM.

9.       Fines/fees : All fines/fees must be paid when renewing membership each year.

10.   Members Fines : fines and suspensions will be at the discretion of the committee.

11.   Conduct : All members must behave in an orderly manner and not cause damage on our waters or on away matches.

12.   Child Protection/Health and Safety/Risk Assessments/Equal Opportunities : TTAC has always been committed to all the requirements of the above policies. All policies are available for all members and guardians and are held by the Club Secretary and Chairman.

13.   Boundaries : All members must observe ‘No Fishing’ signs at all times. Gallions canal is for members only.

14.   Offences : The committee will deal with any complaint of misconduct or breaking of club rules(getting your card clipped).

15.   Appeals : Any offender may appeal against a decision, they must do this within 28 days of the decision in writing to the Secretary. Any such appeal will go before the full committee where a 2/3rds majority will be required to overturn the original decision.

16.    Paying of bills: Bills up to £1500 may be paid without going to the floor. The Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary must be in agreement with such expenditure.

17.   General meetings : will be held on the 1st Thursday in May, August, November and February. The AGM will be held on the 1st Thursday in April(subject to availability of venue).

18.   Voting : All members have an equal right to vote.

19.   Management Committee : will comprise of 11 members(inc. President)

2.Vice Chairman 
4.Vice Secretary
7.Works party organizer  
8-10. Match organizer, Carp match, Junior.

  Please note that social events will be arranged by the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

20.   The 6 Senior Management Committee members : 1-6, will not require re election for 3 years unless they wish to stand down.

21.   All other Committee members : 7-11, to serve the full 12 month term unless otherwise agreed by the committee.

22.   Work parties: will be carried out as published in the events calender online and a text message sent out. Juniors, OAPs and Disabled members are exempt from work parties(this includes discount on membership).

23.   No open fires. No swimming or wading.

24.   Boats or drones: are not allowed on any of the club waters.

25.   Dogs: No dogs allowed within 3 metres of any club waters.

26.   Bailiffs : can ask to see your membership card and do rig checks. They can also enforce any rule infringements and take appropriate action.

27.   There is no official close season : on any of our waters. The Committee reserves the right to close any water due to spawning, maintenance works or any emergency.

28.   Night Fishing : is allowed for members only. no children under the age of 6 years old are allowed to be with you at night You are allowed to fish for a maximum of 7days continuous then move to another lake

29.   Only fish the water in front of you.

30.   Rods: A maximum of 2 rods per angler, except on Birchmere between the dates of 1st October till the 31st March when 3 rods may be used  by members with the appropriate licences . No baited rods to be left unattended. Alarms must be used on ledgered tackle if float fishing simultaneously.

31.   Keep nets/sacks : are not allowed on any water. Keep nets can be used during course matches. No sacking or retaining of any fish.

32.   No Member or day ticket : can fish a pole with any other rod.

33.   Unhooking mat/landing net: All anglers must be in possession of an unhooking mat and landing net. When specimen fishing a 36′ landing net is required with a suitable sized unhooking mat. All fish to be returned to the water undamaged and as quickly and safely as possible(a carp care kit is essential).

34.   Rigs: Only 1 hook per rod. All rigs must be safe and free running, no fixed rigs. When carp fishing all leads must be able to drop off.

35.   All carp/pike fishing : must be carried out using rods of a specimen standard. Reels must have at least 12lb line.

36.   Bait : Only 1kg of shelf life boilies. Fresh/frozen baits no limit.

37.   Live baiting or peanuts : are not allowed on any club waters at any time.

38.   Pike angling: is only allowed between October 1st- March 31st (this includes spinning).

39.   Pike angling : Wire traces must be used at least 12 inches long and 20lb breaking strain. Paternoster rigs must have a wire up trace equal in strength to the hook trace. All treble hooks must be semi barbed.

40.   When pike angling : with a bite indicator, this must show both forward and drop back runs.

41.   All pike anglers : must have the necessary forceps and pliers etc. to enable safe and speedy removal of hooks.

42.   Swims must be clear of rubbish before and after fishing. Don’t discard any line or tackle.

For clarification of any of the above rules and regulations please use the contact form HERE