Match results
29 carp in total biggest fish goes to Sam Noller 16 lb

match results

1st Neil Winzar 84 lb 5 oz
2nd Sam Noller 79 lb 8 oz
3rd jamie Hudson 61 lb 5 oz
4th ben riodan 49 lb 14 oz
5th Craig McCabe 31 lb 7 oz
6th nick riodan 25 lb 4 oz
7th William Huggins 9 lb 8 oz
8th Wade Jones 8 lb
8th Francie Harris 0 lb

League table update

1st neil 111 lb 5 oz
2nd Mitch 101 lb 12 oz
3rd jamie 80 lb 7 oz
4th sam 79 lb 8 oz
5th ben 49 lb 14 oz
6th Craig 46 lb 11 oz
7th George Street 38 lb 5 oz
8th nick 25 lb 4 oz
9th Billy 9 lb 8 oz
10th wade 8 lb
11th francie 4 lb 10 oz
12th lee 0 lb
13th Ryan Lennon 0 lb
14th Scott Lendore 0 lb

Birchmere lake
Carp match April 21-23-2017 .

First I would like to thank all who turned up hope you all enjoyed it.we had a massive 13 carp out biggest carp to defending champ Craig at 15lb 4oz but it was young Mitch who should us the way with a massive 8 fish biggest a 15lb ghostie, taking the £40 fiŕst place prize Jamie finishing second with 2 fish and defending champ Craig in is the first league table but it's still up for grabs as the next match is at gallions.
1st Mitch 77lb 12oz
2nd Jamie Hudson 19lb 2oz
3rd Craig McCabe 15lb 4oz
4th neil winzar 13lb
5th Francie Harris 4lb 10oz
6th wade Jones 0lb
7th Sam noller 0lb
8th Billy Huggins 0lb